Cleaning & Laundry

The Cleaning and Laundry range encompasses an array of products comprising of plastic laundry baskets, buckets, basins, drums, and dust pans, all of which are available in various colors and sizes, intended for efficient laundry management and cleaning activities.

Laundry Baskets

Keep the odour of soiled clothes at bay with Cosmoplast laundry baskets, which come in a wide range of wash load capacities spanning from 33L to 75L, catering to all your laundry requirements. These laundry baskets are crafted from high quality plastics and are styled with trendy patterns and colours. Pair the laundry basket with other items in the Cosmoplast Laundry and Cleaning range to give your living space an exquisite look.


Clothes Hangers

High quality plastic cloth hangers that are perfect for your wardrobe. These sturdy hangers are designed for maximum space efficiency and to prevent slippage of clothes, ensuring utmost care for your garments.


Drums, Buckets and Basins

Plastic Drums, Buckets and Basins are three of the most essential necessities for any house. Cosmoplast offers an unmatched range that spans from 3.5L basins to 125L drums, and its unparalleled quality of DBB products aims to assist you in your daily chores and requirements.