Iceboxes & Coolers

The Cosmoplast range of coolers and iceboxes are a beacon of the modern lifestyle. Combining style, strength, and durability, these products have been manufactured to endure the harshest of usage and environments. Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, these coolers make the perfect companion for picnics, camping, and holidays.


Cosmoplast, the pioneer in Ice Boxes and Coolers in the Middle East, manufactures aesthetically designed Iceboxes that comes with sufficient space to keep your refreshments cold for up to 5 days. The polyurethane insulation improves the cooling performance of the ice boxes, keeping your food and drinks cold for long hours thereby making the fun last longer. Featuring moulded handles for easy portability, these are offered in a variety of colors and sizes to choose from. These iceboxes certainly make your outdoor trips far more exciting.



Keep your drinks cold in the hottest of weather with Cosmoplast coolers. Capable of maintaining ice for long hours, these heavy-duty coolers are available in various sizes, ranging from 6L up to a whopping 59L, and are equipped with a recessed push-button spigot for easy dispensing. Built to the toughest standards, these coolers are manufactured to resist extreme temperatures and rough usage.


Ice Substitutes

The Cosmoplast ice substitutes are offered in various sizes and are reusable. These ice substitutes provide the ideal, safe, and non-toxic solution for keeping your food or beverage cans cool through the day and are the best solutions for short trips