Kids & School

Cosmoplast offers an extensive array of products for juniors, suitable for both school and home settings. Starting from under-bed storage boxes, chairs, tables, storage carts and cabinets. Our range of Children's products are engineered to safety standards and last long even under rough use.

Storage Boxes

Cosmoplast’s range of plastic storage boxes are your best choice for effective organizing of your kids’ room, ensuring a clutter-free environment. Available with lids and in cool colors, these boxes are stackable, and are manufactured from high-grade plastics to ensure robust built and long life.


Storage Cabinets

Cosmoplast’s range of storage cabinets are effective storage solutions designed to satisfy functionality and aesthetic needs. These cabinets feature optimum ergonomics aiding easy accessibility, durability, and portability


Storage Carts

The attractive multi-tier storage carts are cost effective and efficient storage solutions for your kitchen, bathroom, living room, and even your office. Ensuring easy portability with detachable wheels, the tiers can be configured between one to three stacks.


Junior Chairs

Juniors deserve better than the best, which is why Cosmoplast offers a unique range of Junior chairs for children of all ages. Available with or without armrests and in eye-catching colors, these chairs are sturdy enough to withstand the naughtiest of kids and would seamlessly blend in with your existing furniture. These can be applicable for both household or other environments, such as playrooms, day-care centres, nurseries or schools. The convenient stackable design ensures effortless re-arrangement.


Kindergarten Tables

The Cosmoplast range of Kindergarten Tables are ergonomically designed to match our Junior Deluxe chairs. This sturdy little furniture is the perfect companion for your little ones, complementing their wild imaginative spirits with the private little fun space they deserve. These are offered in various bright colors with round edges ensuring safety!