Thriving in quality, elegance, and continuous development, Cosmoplast continues to be the source for plastic consumer products. If you’re planning an enjoyable day outdoors, managing space efficiency at your home or office, handling the daily waste in an eco-friendly manner, taking care of daily laundry, enjoying your kitchen requirements, while satisfying the little ones; Cosmoplast is your way to go. Cosmoplast stretches its capabilities to offering plastic storage boxes, cabinets, outdoor furniture, waste bins, kitchenware, cleaning and laundry goods, gardening, iceboxes and coolers, crates, and travel luggage in various shapes, colors, and sizes to be your best option in value terms in your pursuit for solutions.

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Product Development and Sustainability

Our Story

Cosmoplast is established in Sharjah, UAE, becoming one of the first in the region to manufacture injection and blow molded products. Cosmoplast penetrates the market through production of beverage crates for Pepsi and Coca Cola, followed by jerry cans. With the success realized, Cosmoplast expands its production to household items, namely buckets and basins. 

Following a decade of strong growth, Cosmoplast starts production of a variety of household products, outdoor furniture, and waste bins. In addition, Keep Cold, a Cosmoplast brand, is introduced to produce water coolers and ice boxes.

After becoming the leading plastic manufacturer in U.A.E., Cosmoplast enters Saudi Arabia, Oman, Europe, and North America, through setting up manufacturing plants and branches.

Cosmoplast further expands its product range by manufacturing storage, laundry, kitchen, and children products. With this, Cosmoplast becomes a leader in most retail chains across the GCC region.

Cosmoplast further invests in product development and R&D departments, and continues to expand in coolers & ice boxes, storage, laundry, kitchen, waste management, children, and garden products. In addition, a new rattan series is launched for waste, storage, and laundry products that combines environmental factors coupled with simplicity, beauty, and practicality.

Cosmoplast introduces new colors with elegant textures. Additionally, a new generation of storage and outdoor products are released to support the growth of existing market including Europe and Africa.

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